Project VC-S2 ALU Record Cleaning Machine


Brand ProJect

Record cleaning is often overlooked, but the improvement in sound you can achieve buy using a professional cleaning machine is staggering, so this new Project VCS2 is a welcome addition to their new range of Cleaning machines.

The VC-S2 ALU has a vacuum motor to clean records, residue free, in as little as one or two rotations and is supplied with Pro-Ject’s vinyl cleaning concentrate solution. It offers very great cleaning results and reduces static charge, so record wear and stylus wear are significantly reduced.


  • New cabinet made out of aluminium composite panels (0,4mm alu, 4mm PE, 0,4mm alu) for quieter operation
  • Aluminium surface is able to withstand cleaning fluid spill without compromising the chassis
  • Superfast & superstrong cleaning
  • Superior motor for long lifetime
  • 2,5l tank that almost never needs to be emptied
  • Removes cleaning fluid (Wash it) residue free in 1 - 2 rotations
  • Eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid effeciently cleans and removes static load of vinyl records
  • New aluminium clamp prevents damage from cleaning fluid
  • High-end build-quality for improved ease of use


Technical Specifications...



Cleaning speed 30 r.p.m.
Included accessories Brush, Vacuum Arm, Self-Adhesive Arm Strip, Aluminium clamp, Wash it (100ml), 500ml mixing bottle, Power cable
Power consumption 230 V / 800 W, 120 V / 650 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 415 x 325 x 272 mm (fully assembled)
Weight 8,0 kg (netto)