Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.

Accuphase DP-560 SA-CD Player / DAC


Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.Japan have requested for us not to publish prices for all of their premium products. 

Price and demonstration are available on request. 

Featuring a newly developed high-grade SA-CD/CD drive State-of-the-art integrated SA-CD/CD player employs latest digital technology to fully convey the allure of beautiful music.

Newly designed next-generation SA-CD/CD drive combined with exquisite disc tray and ultra-quiet disc loading mechanism for silky smooth operation. Innovative MDS+ type D/A converter using four parallel DAC circuits ensures highly accurate D/A conversion of DSD and PCM signals. Separate configuration of transport and processor sections, each equipped with a set of HS-LINK, coaxial, optical, and USB (input only) connectors. USB connector provides support up to 384 kHz/32-bit and 11.2896 MHz/1-bit DSD.

■ Power supply optimized for performance and sound quality. The power transformer is a newly designed type with separate windings for supplying the analog section and the digital section. The power supply circuitry for the analog section employs a discrete configuration for low noise and has been specially tuned for optimum performance and sound quality.

Display can show sampling frequency and number of quantization bits.
Besides indicating track numbers and elapsed playing time, the display can also show the sampling frequency and the number of quantization bits when using the external input and during transport operation.

Digital level control allows adjustment down to –80 dB. The level control employs the digital principle for optimum accuracy and minimal degradation of sound quality. Integration of the level control function in the D/A converter prevents noise and provides a wide adjustment range down to –80 dB.

Playback of data on discs such as self-recorded DVD media supported.
(Supported formats: WAV, FLAC, DSF, DSDIFF)

Versatile array of digital inputs and outputs including HS-LINK (Ver. 1 and Ver. 2), COAXIAL, OPTICAL, and USB (input only).
To utilize the high performance of the built-in processing section, data from other digital equipment can be supplied to the DP-560 via the digital inputs and played back with high sound quality.

Triple layer bottom plate and carbon cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics absorb vibrations for further enhanced sound quality.

Analog outputs provide a choice of line level and balanced types for shutting out external noise interference.

Phase selector for balanced output.



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