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Accuphase E-380 Integrated Amplifier

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Orders ☎ 01925 828009

Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.Japan have requested for us not to sell their premium products on line. 

However we may be able to deliver this for you. Please call 01925 828 009 for information.

Price & Demonstration are available on request.

The Accuphase E-380 realizes a 20% increase in rated output power thanks to a reinforced power amplification stage and power supply. The further evolved AAVA volume control system allows music enjoyment at any level without even the slightest degradation of signal quality. The power amplifier section utilizes the instrumentation amplifier principle to achieve outstanding S/N ratio. Low impedance design of the output circuitry results in a damping factor of 500, ensuring that the potential of every speaker can be brought out to the fullest. Enjoy a musical performance of amazing transparency and dynamism.

  • Logic-control signal switching relays for shortest signal paths

  • Five line level and two balanced inputs

  • Line input and output connectors for a recorder

  • Individual phase setting for each input

  • Stereo signal can be switched to monophonic


  • Left/right balance control also realized with AAVA

  • Convenient attenuator is useful for example when

    operating an analog record player

  • Loudness compensator enhances low end presence

  • Tone controls using summing active filters

  • Power amplification stage employs instrumentation

    amplifier principle

  • Current feedback amplification circuit topology

    assures excellent phase characteristics in high range

  • Speaker output protection circuit guards against


  • Protection circuitry using MOS-FET switches

  • Two sets of large speaker terminals

  • Preamplifier and power amplifier sections can be

    used separately

  • Preamplifier outputs also support bi-amping connection

  • Power amplifier inputs allow use of that section only

  • Dedicated headphone amplifier designed for

    optimum sound quality

  • Two rear panel expansion slots allow use of option


  • DAC input selector button for use when digital

    input board (DAC-40 or DAC-50) is installed

  • Numeric indication of digital signal sampling

    frequency (when DAC-40 or DAC-50 is installed)

Accuphase E-380 Integrated Amplifier
Accuphase E-380 Integrated Amplifier Sale price£6,500.00