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Accuphase E270 Integrated Amplifier

£4,000 £4,800

Music can be soothing, exciting, exhilarating. It can move our hearts and enrich our lives, Accuphase gives you all of these emotions and more through their audio technology.  So there was no hesitation when we had a chance to become a Accuphase Dealer, we are so proud to offer their complete range of Hi-Fi Products. If you have never heard a Accuphase amplifier we at Doug Brady's invite you to book a demonstration, theses amplifiers are simply stunning.

The Accuphase E270 is the gateway into the Accuphase sound it has their revolutionary AA V A volume control. A power amplifier section featuring high power transistors in parallel push-pull configuration, complemented by a robust power supply and low impedance output stage. 120 watts of quality power into 4 ohms, with a damping factor of 400. Current feedback amplifier topology assures excellent phase characteristics in the high range, and instrumentation amplifier principle enables fully balanced signal paths. Power MOS-FET switches in the protection circuitry eliminate the need for mechanical contacts.

Innovative Technology

AAVA volume control with further lowered noise floor

The volume control in the preamplifier section is a crucial component with a decisive influence on performance and sound quality. AAVA is a revolutionary type of completely analog volume control that completely does away with any variable resistors in the signal path. This ensures that the signal remains perfectly unaltered, free from the adverse effects of impedance changes. As a result, both S/N ratio and sound quality are excellent at any volume setting.

  • Configuration with a total of 18 V-I converter amplifiers, paralleled for upper two units, reduces overall AAVA impedance to one half and results in lower noise. Input stage with five buffer amplifiers ensures powerful drive capability.
  • No more left/right tracking differences or crosstalk.
  • Attenuator and balance control also implemented by AAVA, eliminating
  • Operation feel is exactly the same as a conventional volume control, and remote control is also possible.
  • Combination of 16 types of weighted V-I converter amplifiers gives 65,536 possible volume steps.
  • Volume level can be displayed accurately as a numeric indication.
Optional AD-50 Phono Board
High- performance phono equalizer amp for playback of analog records.
  • MC/MM switching is possible on the front panel of the enabled device.
  • Internal DIP switches control MC input impedance and subsonic filter on/off.
  • Subsonic Filter: 25Hz - 12db / octave
MC : Moving Coil type
Gain : 66 dB
Input Impedance : 30/100/300 ohms (selectable)
MM : Moving Magnet type
Gain : 40 dB
Input Impedance : 47 kilohms
Switch Position Sensitivity Frequency Response
S/N ratio (EIA)
MM 2.5mV ±0.3dB 86dB
MC 0.126mV ±0.3dB 84dB
Optional DAC-50 DAC Board
The DAC-50 is an optional digital input board that supports a broad range of digital sound sources and is equipped with a high-precision MDS type D/A converter for optimal sound quality. The converter uses AK4490EQ chips from Asahi Kasei Microdevices in a double parallel configuration per channel. Installing the board in a slot on the rear panel of a supported Accuphase component provides direct input capability for signals from digital components for high-grade playback. Three types of inputs are provided: USB (Type B), OPTICAL (for optical fiber cable), and COAXIAL (for coaxial cable). The USB input handles signals up to 11.2 MHz / 1-bit 【DSD】 and 384 kHz / 32-bit【 PCM】, the coaxial input supports up to 192 kHz / 24-bit and the optical input up to 96 kHz / 24-bit.
  • An automatic change of the coax input / optical fiber /USB input
  • Automatic recognition of number of sampling frequency /bit /MHz de-emphasis
  • USB      :USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps) compliant
              :Sampling frequency DSD/2.8224MHz,5.6448MHz,11.2896MHz(1bit)
                        *11.2896MHz(ASIO only)
              :PCM/ 32kHz~384kHz,32bit
  • OPTICAL:JEITA CP-1212 compliant
              :Sampling frequency 32kHz~96kHz, 24bit
  • COAXIAL:IEC 60958/AES-3 compliant
              :Sampling frequency 32kHz~192kHz, 24bit
Advanced Features
    • Protection circuitry employs semiconductor (MOS-FET) switches for low impedance and ex- cellent long-term reliability.
    • Two sets of large speaker terminals.
      Y lugs and banana plugs are also supported.
    • Balanced remote sensing technology provides balanced feedback for both the signal and GND lines from near the speaker terminals to ensure low impedance and high damping factor. Minimiz- ing the amplifier's output impedance results in a damping factor of 400.
    • Bi-wiring connection using the two sets of speak- er terminals is supported.
    • Analog peak power meters with new LED lighting for improved legibility.
    • Versatile array of input options including bal- anced inputs to shut out external noise interfer- ence.
    • MAIN IN button and preamplifier output and power amplifier input connectors allow indepen- dent use of both sections.
    • Individual phase setting is possible for each input position (with memory). The balanced connectors support both pin 2 and pin 3 configurations.
    • Rear panel expansion slot allows the use of option boards.
    • Option boards provide additional versatility for digital input (USB, coaxial, optical) handling or analog record playback.
    • DAC input selector allows displaying the sam- pling frequency of the digital signal onto which the amplifier has locked.
    • With the AD-30 board, MC/MM switching on the front panel is possible.
    • Logic-controlled relays for signal switching assure high sound quality and long-term reliability.
    • Dedicated headphone amplifier optimized for sound quality.
    • "High Carbon" cast iron insulator feet with supe- rior damping characteristics further enhance sound quality.
Rated Continuous Average Output Power (both channels operating simultaneously, 20 - 20,000 Hz) 120 W/ch 4-ohm load 90 W/ch 8-ohm load Total Harmonic Distortion (both channels operating simultaneously, 20 - 20,000 Hz)0.05% 4 to 16 ohm load Intermodulation Distortion 0.01%
Frequency Characteristics HIGH LEVEL INPUT
Tone Controls
Loudness Compensation Attenuator S/N Ratio, Input-converted Noise Power Level MetersLoad Impedance
Stereo HeadphonesPower RequirementsPower Consumption Maximum DimensionsMass
Turnover frequency and adjustment range
Damping FactorInput Sensitivity, Input Impedance Output Voltage, Output Impedance Gain  
The E-270 provides one slot for an option board on the rear panel.
DAC-40 connection example Coaxial digital cable (up to 192 kHz/24 bit)
Digital (S/PDIF) output
Optical fiber cable (up to 96 kHz/24 bit) USB cable (up to 192 kHz/24 bit)
Volume control
Headphone jack Attenuator ON/OFF button Loudness compensator ON/OFF button Mono/stereo selector button Balance control Tone controls
AC power supply connectorCD input connectors (balanced)
At rated continuous average output: 20 - 20,000 Hz +0, –0.5 dB MAIN IN At rated continuous average output: 20 - 20,000 Hz +0, –0.2 dB At 1 watt output: 3 - 150,000 Hz +0, –3.0 dB 400 (with 8-ohm load, 50 Hz)
EIA S/N 97 dB
Input sensitivity: For rated output For 1 W output (EIA) impedance 4 - 16 ohms (Terminals A and B) Suitable impedance: 8 ohms or higher
120 V/220 V/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Voltage as indicated on rear panel) 46 watts idle
245 watts in accordance with IEC 60065
Width 465 mm (18.3") Height 151 mm (5.9") Depth 420 mm (16.5") 20.0 kg (44. lbs) net
26.0 kg (57.3 lbs) in shipping carton
134 mV 134 mV 1.07 V
14.2 mV 14.2 mV 113 mV
20 kilohms 40 kilohms 20 kilohms
Supplied accessories
AC power cord
Remote commander RC-230  

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