ART Dram 10 Diamond Speakers


Brand ART
  • Genuine three-way design
  • 10" bass unit, 5" mid range
  • Diamond tweeter: one of the finest treble units in the world
  • Piano black or white finish
  • Easy to drive so can be used with low power valve amplifiers


Speaker Type. -  3 way Bass Reflex floor standing loudspeaker

Drivers. -  

1 x 260mm Bass (treated paper)
1 x 150mm Mid-bass (treated paper)
1 x 26mm Tweeter,  Diamond Dome with Titanium voice coil former  Hexatech magnet array

Internal Wiring  -  Dram Silver Reference

Crossover  -  Jensen Copper foil Inductors and Capacitors

Binding Posts  -  Silver Plated terminals

Frequency Response -  25Hz – 5o kHz ±3dB

Sensitivity  -  90 dB/for 1 watt@1metre

Impedance  -  8ohm nominal impedance

Recommended power  -  Min 8 watts

Cabinet  -  Multi-layer cold moulded cabinet

Finishes  -  Piano Gloss and Polyester Finishes

Overall dimensions  -  1055mmH x 325mmD x 335 mmW  (Cabinet)

Weight packed  -  50 kilos each