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Auralic VEGA G3 Streaming DAC

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The Auralic VEGA Streaming DAC's offer the very best solution for future performance upgrades. The VEGA family of products are DACs, first and foremost, so the focus of the design is on the DAC's sonic performance. The built in streamer will also offer a great streaming experience but with the Vega G3 you can turn off the internal streamer which in turn enables you to add a higher performance streaming transport (such as the Aries G3 Streaming Processor) at the time of purchase or later as a performance upgrade.

The Auralic VEGA G3 builds upon the already impressive foundation of their predecessor, the G2.1, retaining key features such as the AURALiC’s proprietary Fusion DAC structure. The unique architecture of G3 avoids using a PLL circuit as it cannot fully remove the distortion and jitter present in the original clock signal. Instead, it records the audio data directly into the Tesla G3 processing platform’s system memory in binary format, bypassing the original clock signal entirely. As a result of these cutting-edge technologies, the VEGA G3 is immune to the input signal’s distortion and jitter, delivering the highest level of sound quality possible.

The G3 incorporates the advanced Tesla G3 platform, providing a significant boost to their processing power and capabilities. Additionally, a new dual 60fs Femto Clocks powers the DAC operation and time the Tesla G3’s data output to the DAC. The result is an unparalleled listening experience, with stunning detail, clarity, and precision that is free from any distortion or jitter.

Passive Analog Volume Control

Analog volume control is widely regarded as the superior approach for achieving high-performance audio playback. Whilst digital volume control can accurately reduce the signal level, it cannot reduce the noise floor level of the output signal. As a result, when using digital volume control to attenuate the signal by a large amount, the system's dynamic range is inevitably heavily compromised. Analog volume control, however, can reduce both the signal level and noise floor, whilst retaining the system's dynamic range. If desired, users can disable the preamplifier function, with the option to reduce the output level to 2Vrms, allowing for the use of external preamplifiers. In addition, a convenient home theater bypass mode is available for analog input channels.

The VEGA G2.2 and G3 feature a true analog ladder resistor volume control that delivers exceptional and noise-free control without introducing any distortion. This volume control system includes eight coil-latch relays that remain inactive when not in operation, consuming no power and emitting no EMI noise. Once the system is adjusted, it remains electronically invisible, thereby further enhancing the already outstanding audio performance of the VEGA G2.2 and G3

Building upon the advanced features of the VEGA G2.2, the VEGA G3 takes the product line to a new level by integrating a range of state-of-the-art technologies that surpass even the highest expectations. With its cutting-edge Proteus X1 co-processing platform, the VEGA G3 sets a new standard for digital filtering and oversampling, delivering an unmatched listening experience. Specifically optimized to process music signals from streaming content, whether through the built-in streamer or digital inputs, the algorithm running inside Proteus X1 of the VEGA G3 enhances the audio quality, significantly improving the listening experience for music that may not be available in the highest resolution format. With VEGA G3, music takes on incredible depth, clarity, and detail, elevating the audio experience to a whole new level.

Compared to the G2.2, the VEGA G3 incorporates an enhanced DAC design, delivering a 30% reduction in distortion and noise, and a 50% improvement in dynamic range. Moreover, the VEGA G3 offers the option to run in Pure DAC mode, disabling its internal streaming functions for those who prefer a more traditional approach.

VEGA G3 represents a significant upgrade to an already impressive benchmarks, offering advanced features and exceptional performance that will satisfy even the most discerning listener.

Auralic VEGA G3 Streaming DAC
Auralic VEGA G3 Streaming DAC Sale price£10,699.00