B&W P9 Signature Headphones


P9 Signature, our largest over-ear headphone, exemplifies all of the acoustic and design innovation skills we have amassed in our 50 year journey. P9 Signature raises the bar for performance from a mobile headphone.

The B&W P9 Signature headphones deliver striking depth and clarity whilst looking gorgeous and being wonderfully finished with fine Italian leather.

The P9 are reference-quality headphones which deliver your favourite music in unparalleled quality. It comes with a universal cable so that it can be connected to any audio device with a 3.5mm jack headphone output. There is also a cable with remote and microphone fitted, which is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad to make calls and deliver audio control.

The 40mm full range drivers of the P9 deliver stunning sound across a wide frequency range. Years of B&W's audio experience have been drawn on to design the large diaphragm, nylon damped cone and powerful coil. The changeable ear cushions themselves are crafted for comfort and to help the delivery of the detailed audio.

Incredible audio and great style, the B&W P9 Signature.