Cyrus 8₂ DAC QXR Integrated Amplifier / DAC

£1,995 £2,295

The Cyrus 8₂ DAC QXR integrated amplifier with an impressive 88 Watts per channel, and includes six analogue inputs which you can individually name from a list of options in the set up wizard. Also included is a great headphone facility and twin speaker output for bi-wiring. The Cyrus 8₂ DAC is the perfect partner for the CD i or CD t.

Cyrus 8₂ DAC QXR features and benefits Trickle Down Advanced Technology:

The Cyrus 8₂ DAC QXR delivers surprising audio performance and value because it is based on the advanced preamplifier circuitry from the DAC XP Signature; benefitting from a ‘trickle down’ of our most advanced technology.

Integrated Amplifier:

The bi-wire output of the 8₂ DAC QXR gives a full 88 Watts into 6 ohms. The power supply is a high current design that uses two transformers to completely separate the digital control stages from the sensitive audio signals.

Integrated DAC:

In the 8₂ DAC QXR Cyrus use a new ESS-based DAC, as well as allowing input resolutions up to 32bit/ 768k, Cyrus have also introduced a new ‘reclocking’ process across all the digital inputs. This substantially reduces jitter and lowers the noise floor, as well as allowing a much shallower filter slope than ever before. This process virtually eliminates phase interference in the audible band (an approach only previously possible with noisy FPGA DAC solutions).

Essential Connectivity:

Six analogue inputs, a high quality headphone amplifier, Zone 2 and pre amplifier outputs give the 82 DAC flexibility for connecting a wide variety of audio devices. There is also a PSX-R port on the 82 DAC allowing connectivity of the instant upgrade off-board power supply.

Advanced Setup:

The microprocessor controlled operating system in the
8₂ DAC allows extensive programming of many functions within the unit. Input naming, differing display readouts
and input volume matching across all sources are just some of the possibilities.



Stereo RCA analogue – 1 pair fixed, 2 pairs variable
BFA speaker – Yes
Headphones – Yes
PSX-R upgrade port – Yes
MC-BUS – Yes


Optical SPDIF – 2
Coaxial SPDIF – 2
USB B – 1
Analogue RCA Phono – 6 pairs


24/192 resolution through optical/coaxial inputs,

16/48 through USB

(QXR adds 32bit / 768k , DSD 512 through USB)


Watts into 6 Ohms – 88


Height – 73
Width – 215
Depth – 360
Weight (kg) – 6.9

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