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ATC Loudspeakers

ATC Loudspeakers

ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, is a specialist British manufacturer of loudspeaker drive units and complete sound reproduction systems, including the relevant electronic equipment. ATC designs and manufactures loudspeaker drive units and systems to achieve levels of performance far in excess of the industry norm.  This is achieved by adopting a thoroughly professional engineering approach to the issue of basic design, materials science and production technology.


Having established a market for reference quality precision-made monitors, a succession of smaller ATC speakers evolved, ranging from SCM7s through 10s and 20s. Available in both active and passive versions, they offered elite ATC performance and reliability to many new customers.

All ATC products are built to provide nothing less than the best sound reproduction money can buy and to meet the challenge of the latest digital recording technology.

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ATC SCM40A Active Loudspeaker MonitorsATC SCM40A Active Loudspeaker Monitors
ATC SCM40A Active Loudspeaker Sale price£7,750.00
ATC SCM50 ASL Active Loudspeaker Monitors
ATC SCM7 Loudspeakers Satin BlackATC SCM7 Loudspeakers Cherry
ATC SCM7 Loudspeakers Sale price£995.00
ATC SCM11 Loudspeaker CherryATC SCM11 Loudspeaker Satin Black
ATC SCM11 Loudspeaker Sale price£1,520.00
ATC SCM40 Floorstanding Loudspeakers (PSL)ATC SCM40 Floorstanding Loudspeakers (PSL)
ATC SCM19 Loudspeakers CherryATC SCM19 Loudspeakers Satin White
ATC SCM19 Loudspeaker Sale price£2,400.00
ATC SCM19A Active Loudspeakers CherryATC SCM19A Active Loudspeakers Satin Black
ATC SCM19A Active Loudspeakers Sale price£4,800.00
ATC SCM50 SL LoudspeakersATC SCM50 SL Loudspeakers
ATC SCM50 SL Loudspeakers Sale price£11,250.00
ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition Active LoudspeakersATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition Active Loudspeakers
Save £300.00ATC SCM11 Loudspeaker Cherry (Ex Demonstration)ATC SCM11 Loudspeaker Cherry (Ex Demonstration)
ATC SCM11 Loudspeaker Cherry (Ex Demonstration) Sale price£1,220.00 Regular price£1,520.00