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Doug Brady Hi-Fi were one of the first UK dealers to support Rega way back in 1974 and we are so proud to still support this Great British Manufacture today. 

Rega was founded in 1973 by Roy Gandy and Tony Relph. Gandy was a music lover and engineer. He began by modifying other turntables because he felt convinced he could do a better job. It became quickly apparent that he could and before too long he went into business with the intention of designing a turntable from the ground up.

The Rega Planet turntable

The Planet was the first turntable Roy designed. It featured many of the hallmarks and design features that Rega turntables still use today. It had a rigid laminated plinth with a high quality bearing. It had compliant rubber feet and was belt driven. At that time the company did not have the finances to built their own tone-arm so a Japanese made Jelco arm was used.  The Planet soon gave way to the P3 and P2 turntables and both of these became the turntables to own if you wanted high performance at a sensible price. Perhaps this combination is at the heart of Rega products to this day.

In 1983 Rega began to manufacture a unique cast tone-arm that was far more rigid than the Jelco and featured a magnesium one-piece through bearing design. The RB-300 arm and subsequent incarnations of it enable even more information to recovered from the groove.

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Rega Planar 1 Turntable Matt Black Finish (New 2021 Version)Rega Planar 1 Turntable Matt White Finish (New 2021 Version)
Rega Planar 1 Plus Turntable Matt Black Finish (New 2021 Version)Rega Planar 1 Plus Turntable Matt White Finish (New 2021 Version)
Rega Planar 2 TurntableRega Planar 2 Turntable Walnut
Rega Planar 2 Turntable Sale price£499.00
Rega Planar 3Rega Planar 3 Turntable Black
Rega Planar 3 Sale priceFrom £660.00
Rega Planar 6 TurntableRega Planar 6 Turntable
Rega Planar 6 Turntable Sale priceFrom £1,215.00
Rega Planar 8 TurntableRega Planar 8 Turntable
Rega Planar 8 Turntable Sale priceFrom £1,870.00
Rega Planar 10 TurntableRega Planar 10 Turntable
Rega Planar 10 Turntable Sale priceFrom £4,160.00
Rega io Integrated AmplifierRega io Integrated Amplifier
Save £151.00Rega Brio Integrated AmplifierRega Brio Integrated Amplifier
Rega Brio Integrated Amplifier Sale price£549.00 Regular price£700.00
Sold outRega Apollo CDP CD PlayerRega Apollo CDP CD Player
Rega Apollo CDP CD Player Sale price£700.00
Rega Aethos Integrated AmplifierRega Aethos Integrated Amplifier
Rega Fono Mini A2D Phono StageRega Fono Mini A2D Phono Stage
Rega Aria MK3 MM/MC Phono StageRega Aria MK3 MM/MC Phono Stage
Save £151.00Rega Kyte Bookshelf SpeakersRega Kyte Bookshelf Speakers
Rega Kyte Bookshelf Speakers Sale price£399.00 Regular price£550.00
Rega Carbon Stylus
Rega Carbon CartridgeRega Carbon Cartridge
Rega Carbon Cartridge Sale price£33.00
Rega Exact MM CartridgeRega Exact MM Cartridge
Rega Exact MM Cartridge Sale price£295.00
Rega Elys 2 MM Cartridge
Rega Elys 2 MM Cartridge Sale price£175.00
Rega Ania Moving Coil CartridgeRega Ania Moving Coil Cartridge
Rega Ania Pro Moving Coil CartridgeRega Ania Pro Moving Coil Cartridge
Rega Aphelion 2  Reference level moving Coil CartridgeRega Aphelion 2  Reference level moving Coil Cartridge
Rega RB220
Rega RB220 Sale price£250.00
Rega Advanced EBLT Drive Belt (New upgrade belt fits all Rega Turntables)
Rega Reference EBLT Upgrade Belt (New Reference EBLT fits all rega Turntables)
Rega 45RPM Adaptor
Rega 45RPM Adaptor Sale price£22.00
Rega Turntable Lid
Rega Turntable Wall Bracket
Rega Apheta 3 Moving Coil CartridgeRega Apheta 3 Moving Coil Cartridge
Sold outRega Aura MC phono stageRega Aura MC phono stage
Rega Aura MC phono stage Sale price£4,400.00
Rega System One Turntable packageRega System One Turntable package
Rega Fono MM MK5 Phono StageRega Fono MM MK5 Phono Stage Back
Rega Fono MC MK4 MC Phono StageRega Fono MC MK4 MC Phono Stage
Rega NEO PSU MK2 Sale price£260.00
Rega Planar 8 / 10 Wall Bracket
Rega Kyte Stand adaptorRega Kyte Stand adaptor
Rega Kyte Stand adaptor Sale price£50.00
Rega Saturn MK3 CD Player / DACRega Saturn MK3
Rega Couple 3 InterconnectRega Couple 3 Interconnect
Rega Couple 3 Interconnect Sale priceFrom £99.00
Rega Elicit MK5 Integrated AmplifierRega Elicit MK5 Integrated Amplifier
Rega ELEX MK4 Integrated Amplifier (new version)Rega ELEX MK4 Integrated Amplifier (new version)
Save £225.00Rega Planar 1 Plus & Kef LSX Wireless Turntable System BlackRega Planar 1 Plus & Kef LSX Wireless Turntable System White
Rega Planar 1 Plus & Kef LSX II Wireless Turntable System Sale price£1,349.00 Regular price£1,574.00
Rega NAIA TurntableRega NAIA Turntable
Rega NAIA Turntable Sale priceFrom £9,999.00
Sold outRega Elex-R Integrated AmplifierRega Elex-R Integrated Amplifier