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Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.

Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.



Music can be soothing, exciting, exhilarating. It can move our hearts and enrich our lives, which is the goal that Accuphase seek through audio technology.

Accuphase Precision SACD Transport and MDSD Processor DP-950 DC-950Accuphase Precision SACD Transport and MDSD Processor DP-950 DC-950

This was the idea behind the slogan "Enrich Life through Technology" which originally brought together the group of very highly skilled audio experts who conceived and today produce the successful Accuphase line of audio equipment. It is the guiding principle behind all Accuphase components whose high grade can be considered extravagant. Just as there are exquisite musical instruments that are especially highly prized, we believe that the same applies to audio components. This belief forms the basis of our design concept. It is the reason why we strive to build extra value into each of our units so that they will display fully the merits of hand construction. 
Accuphase Integrated Amplifier E-270

Accuphase Integrated Amplifier E-270

The name ACCUPHASE was adapted by taking the prefix ACCU from the word "accurate", and combining it with PHASE which is a most important factor in audio technology. We feel it is a very fitting brand name to describe our products that fully portray this and other important characteristics, which penetrate the innermost depth of audio technology. Our endless pursuit of quality requires a very high degree of processing which persuades us to avoid the use of mass production systems. Consequently, production volume is limited and Accuphase products are available only at a restricted number of specialized stores.


Accuphase Class A Stereo Power Amp A-75

Accuphase Class A Stereo Power Amp A-75

Accuphase equipment is not subject to the whims of market fashion since they are made, above all, to achieve true high fidelity sound reproduction. This is the foremost reason why our products have enjoyed long-run production.  

If you wish to listen to any of the Accuphase products please call our showroom on 01925 828 009 where we will be happy to arrange a demonstration for you.

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