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Burmester passion is to create the best sound experiences in all environments


Burmester passion is to create the best sound experiences in all environments. To offer the highest sound quality and absolute musical fidelity at all times. With exceptional build and class-leading service back-up into the equation and these amplifiers are easy to recommend. We like them so much that they’re our new reference. We can’t praise them more highly than that.

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Burmester 035 PreamplifierBurmester 035 Preamplifier Back View
Burmester 088 PreamplifierBurmester 088 Preamplifier Back View
Burmester 036 Power AmplifierBurmester 036 Power Amplifier
Burmester 956 MK2 Power AmplifierBurmester 956 MK2 Power Amplifier
Burmester 216 Power AmplifierBurmester 216 Power Amplifier
Burmester 218 Power AmplifierBurmester 218 Power Amplifier
Burmester 101 Integrated AmplifierBurmester 101 Integrated Amplifier
Burmester 032 Integrated AmplifierBurmester 032 Integrated Amplifier
Burmester 082 Integrated Amplifier FrontBurmester 082 Integrated Amplifier Back View
Burmester 089 CD PlayerBurmester 089 CD Player
Burmester 089 CD Player Sale price£18,400.00
Burmester 232 Integrated AmplifierBurmester 232 Integrated Amplifier