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LEAK HI FI. Doug Brady Hi Fi Warrington Cheshire North West Manchester.


Founded in 1934 by Harold Joseph Leak the seminal H. J. LEAK & CO Ltd  Originally based in London, England, LEAK was a brand specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality audio components.

The LEAK Type 15 amplifier came in 1945. Utilising a four-stage circuit and a groundbreaking ‘negative feedback’ design with ‘push-pull triode-connected’ KT66 valves achieved a remarkable 15 watts output. Innovation followed and by 1948, the future classic, LEAK TL/12 came to market and marked the first bold step towards high-fidelity sound reproduction.

After many years LEAK was rescued by the IAG Group – one of the world premiere manufacturers of audio products and owner of a plethora of classic British brands. Maintaining the art-deco inspired, classic-styled high-quality home audio format for the modern-day hi-fi enthusiast, LEAK is reborn. With close attention to detail in styling, performance and value, LEAK finally returns for the masses with the LEAK STEREO 130 and the first-ever digital CD playback device for LEAK, the LEAK CDT. 

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LEAK CDT CD TransportLEAK CDT CD Transport
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Save £50.00LEAK STEREO 130 Integrated Amplifier WalnutLEAK STEREO 130 Integrated Amplifier Walnut