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About Us

Our Heritage

World famous Doug Brady Hi-Fi was born in Liverpool in the late 1950’s at the same time as turntables, vinyl and The Beatles. This cultural revolution with Liverpool at the centre, heralded the very first ‘Brady’ shop in the city's Smithdown Road.

It was the start of something amazing and as word got around, turntable sales rocketed. Success soon followed with a flag ship store launched in Covent Garden London.

Founder Douglas Brady had a passion for all things music and was instrumental in establishing some of the UK’s finest ‘High Fidelity’ audio electronic and turntable brands such as Naim, Rega and Chord.

Doug Brady Hi Fi was actually one of the very first retailers to stock Naim back in the late 1960's. Doug Brady (founder of Doug Brady HiFi) and Julian Vereker (founder of Naim Audio) shared the same passion for absolute perfection in audio listening and that 'Music must come first'.

In the early 1980’s the business moved to a more central location half way between Manchester and Liverpool at Kingsway North, Warrington, Cheshire and that’s where we are based to this day.

Turntables are still a core part of the business, however streaming devices, iPad & iPhone, loudspeakers, in-ceiling speakers, CD players, amplification, cable and Home Cinema systems are all areas that the business excels in.


Our Values

The team at Doug Brady Hi-Fi all have a passion, love and encyclopedic knowledge for audio whether it is a top of the range home cinema setup through to what types and options you should consider when putting together a system regardless of budget or type of usage. Cables, connectors, amps, sources, bandwidth, turntables, floorstanders or standmount speakers all have to be carefully considered and we know and have experience of 1,000’s of products which are available, so making an informed opinion is an easy one to achieve.

It’s about making anything you listen or watch sound and look better through clever choice of equipment, set up, design and smart installation.

We only stock brands and products which really do deliver. Each product must achieve true quality at the price offered, the best buy at that price point for sound or vision, design and look, technology and functionality, reliability and longevity - all must be delivered.

Our core principle is to provide each individual customer with the very best sound and vision experience in their home regardless of whether their budget is £1,000 or £100,000 though an informed and unbiased opinion.

Doug Brady HiFi has been built on a reputation and passion for musical excellence with the skills and knowledge to bring the ultimate musical experience right into your living room.


Our Future

We blend traditional values and a hard won reputation for great customer service with an unrivalled encyclopedic knowledge of the very best that the audio industry has to offer. We love to demonstrate and sell via our shop or our online store.

Our shop on the outskirts of Warrington, Cheshire is designed to show and present the very best the industry has to offer. Inside of the shop we have made it look and feel very comfortable, clean and spacious as numerous customers will spend hours with us testing and considering the extensive choice of equipment. The demonstration facility 'THE ROOM' is flanked either side by a selection of the finest audio equipment where you can experience hours of listen pleasure.

Our website and online business showcases the brands and products we sell and we are passionate about online retailing shipping 100’s of products worldwide each week. Excellent communication and customer service is critical and customers can contact us directly 6 days a week via the phone on 01925 828009 or by email

We know and understand that each customer has different needs on when and how they can shop or receive a delivery. We offer private consultation’s so that each customer can guarantee the most effective use of their time if they have a large number of commitments. We also have flexible delivery options depending on the size and type or order. The majority of all our online orders come with an option to select your 1-hour delivery window so that you can make sure you are at the office or at home to receive your order. Installations by a member of our staff are also an option depending on the product required.

So whether it’s streaming, CD, vinyl, Streaming, iPhone or digital servers, Mozart or London Grammar, bring your own music and relax in our demonstration rooms, where we’ll help you to find the perfect solution to your audio needs. We have a great vibe and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!