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The founder of Rotel, Mr. Tomoki “Tac” Tachikawa, was born in Taiwan. He studied and later settled in Japan and started various businesses and trading companies before creating Rotel. In 1961 he formed the Rotel company as you know it today and began their journey to world renown as a builder of quality audio components. Rather than endlessly chasing “features”, they focused on designing audio components that emphasised musical accuracy, superb build quality, and affordability.

 This back-to-basics product plan was realised by our extensive experience in producing quality audio components reliably and efficiently in the Far East. Many of these now 40-plus year old models are still in service today!

2021 brings us to a milestone anniversary as the company celebrate 60 years, still a
family-owned business, committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing the
very best audio/video components.

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Rotel T11 FM/DAB+ TunerRotel T11 FM/DAB+ Tuner
Rotel T11 FM/DAB+ Tuner Sale price£399.00
Rotel CD11MKII CD PlayerRotel CD11MKII CD Player
Rotel CD11MKII CD Player Sale price£549.00
Rotel A11MKII Integrated AmplifierRotel A11MKII Integrated Amplifier
Rotel Michi M8 Monoblock Power AmplifierRotel Michi M8 Monoblock Power Amplifier
Rotel CD14MKII CD PlayerRotel CD14MKII CD Player
Rotel CD14MKII CD Player Sale price£699.00
Rotel MICHI X3 Series 2 Integrated AmplifierRotel MICHI X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier
Rotel MICHI P5 Series 2 PreamplifierRotel MICHI P5 Series 2 Preamplifier
Rotel Michi S5 Power AmplifierRotel Michi S5 Power Amplifier
Rotel RB-1552MKII Power AmplifierRotel RB-1552MKII Power Amplifier
Rotel RC-1572MKII PreamplifierRotel RC-1572MKII Preamplifier
Rotel RA-1572MKII Stereo Integrated AmplifierRotel RA-1572MKII Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Rotel A14MKII Integrated AmplifierRotel A14MKII Integrated Amplifier
Rotel A12MKII Integrated AmplifierRotel A12MKII Integrated Amplifier
Rotel A10MKII Integrated AmplifierRotel A10MKII Integrated Amplifier
Rotel MICHI X5 Series 2 Integrated AmplifierRotel MICHI X5 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier
Rotel S14 Streaming AmplifierRotel S14 Streaming Amplifier
Rotel RAS-5000 Streaming AmplifierRotel RAS-5000 Streaming Amplifier