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Naim Upgrade Promotion - Add to Cart - Save upto £1500

We’re pleased to announce an opportunity for you to upgrade your old Naim CD player to a more contemporary solution.

The Naim trade-in scheme will allow owners of the eligible CD players (listed below) to trade in their CD player for a preferential rate on a Uniti Star, a streamer (NDX2 or ND5 XS2) of their choice and/or a Uniti Core.


  • CD5
  • CDX
  • CDX-2
  • CD5i
  • CDS-3
  • CD5x
  • CD5i-2
  • CD5 XS
Model SRP Trade in Value Trade in Price
NDX2 £5999 £1500 £4499
ND5 XS2 £2499 £500 £1999
Uniti Core £2199 £550 £1649
Uniti Star £3499 £700 £2799


Naim Promotion - Add to Cart - Save £1500

Upon ordering your prefered promotion product we will deliver and collect your old CD player that you have agreed to trade-in.