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Auralic VEGA S1 Streaming DAC

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Auralic VEGA S1 Streaming DAC

Auralic VEGA S1 Streaming DAC

Doug Brady HiFi

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Kingsway Studios
Kingsway North
Warrington WA1 3NU
United Kingdom


The VEGA S1 inherits AURALiC's pioneering technologies from the esteemed VEGA G2.2. At its core lies AURALiC's proprietary Fusion DAC, a revolutionary innovation seamlessly integrating the finest elements of discrete ladder and Delta-Sigma DAC designs. Beyond this cutting-edge DAC technology, the VEGA S1 incorporates Direct Data Recording (DDR), Galvanic Isolation, Analog Volume Control, and Analog Preamplifier features, derived from the acclaimed VEGA G2.2. These elements collectively ensure a listening experience defined by unparalleled detail and precision.

Seamless Streaming Experience

The VEGA S1 DAC offers a seamless streaming experience through Ethernet, powered by its proprietary Lightning DS software. With multiple input choices, enabling you to use your preferred music playback software effortlessly. It is also 100% compatible with OpenHome-based control software like BubbleUPnP and Linn Kazoo, as well as being a certified RoonReady endpoint for optimized performance within your Roon ecosystem

With support for Apple AirPlay 2, TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, and Internet Radio, along with various digital input channels like USB audio, Coaxial, and Toslink, the S1 ensures versatility and convenience in accessing your favorite music sources.

Rooted in the principles of choice, natural sound, and reliability, Sonically, Auralic's meticulously engineers both their software and hardware to deliver a neutral and natural sound profile, empowering you to tailor your musical preferences through speaker selection and room setup.

Analog Preamplifier

The VEGA S1 retains the successful analogue preamplifier function from the VEGA G2.2. The ORFEO Class-A output modules ensure the balanced output can drive loads well below 600ohm with minimal performance degradation. Users have the option to disable the preamplifier function through software and reduce the output level to 2V, allowing for seamless integration with external preamplifiers.

Groundbreaking Fusion DAC

AURALiC's groundbreaking Fusion DAC design in the VEGA S1 combines the finest elements of discrete ladder and Delta-Sigma DAC designs, creating a new standard in audio excellence. This innovative approach involves modifying a high-performance, manufacturer DAC chip by bypassing most of its functions, such as PLL, digital filter, and oversampling circuits. Instead, AURALiC deploys its proprietary clock reconstruction, digital filter, and oversampling technologies, ensuring that only the precise switching network inside the DAC chip is utilized for the final digital-to-analog conversion stage. The result is an extraordinary sound quality that elevates the listening experience to new heights.

The Fusion DAC design empowers users with unparalleled customization and flexibility, enabling fine-tuning and optimization to match individual preferences. AURALiC’s proprietary implementation of this unique, in-house developed technology represents a significant leap forward in DAC design, delivering exceptional performance and unparalleled sound quality.

PureDAC Mode

PureDAC mode empowers the VEGA S1 to disable all streaming and network-related functions, dedicating all resources to digital signal processing and conversion tasks. In this mode, the VEGA S1 utilizes Direct Data Recording technology to store music signals from any digital or USB input in the past hour to Tesla G3’s system memory, allowing users to replay music from any point at any time.

Optional Upgrade:  S1 External Purer-Power Supply Unit 

For those seeking an even higher level of audio quality, AURALiC offers an optional upgrade: the S1 External Purer-Power Supply Unit. This unit bypasses the internal power supply of the  VEGA S1, doubling the power capacity for enhanced performance. Featuring two dedicated transformers and Purer-Power low noise power supply circuits, the upgraded unit ensures a total galvanic isolation between the Tesla G3 processing circuit and audio circuits. This separation eliminates interference and minimizes noise, resulting in superior sonic performance that elevates your listening experience to new heights.


Auralic VEGA S1 Streaming DAC
Auralic VEGA S1 Streaming DAC Sale price£1,999.00