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Exposure 5010 Preamplifier

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Photo Stage Option:

Photo Stage Option

DAC Option:

DAC Option

Made in Britain

Exposure has been perfecting the art of creating real Hi-Fi for real music lovers since 1974. Designed, engineered and proudly manufactured in Britain by a talented team of audio engineers who are passionate about the reproduction of music. 

The Exposure Preamplifier

The Exposure 5010 Preamplifier uses the quality components and engineering practices, the 5010 Series is designed and built to give you years of listening enjoyment and pleasure. When paired with the Exposure 5010 Mono Amplifiers, you will experience the classic exposure sound of tuneful bass, sparkling high frequencies, and an open mid-band that brings performers right into your room, in a full-bodied three dimensional way. 

With the DAC option, Exposure 5010 Preamplifier can also be connected to any digital devices easily, giving them the genuine Exposure sound. 

Connecting these components to a quality set of speakers takes just a few minutes. However, rediscovering your favorite music will take hours as you enjoy true hi-fi sound.

This is what hi-fi should be—simple, affordable, and fun.

To use the Exposure 5010 Preamplifier with a turntable, ensure that you add the correct phono stage option. 


  • Large custom made toroidal power transformer and multiple smoothing capacitors for power supply
  • Option to fit a MC or MM phono module OR plug in DAC option
  • 6 line inputs or 5 plus optional phono card, 2 main out (RCA), 1 XLR main out and 1 tape output
  • High quality relays used for input source selection
  • Full remote control of input selector, volume and mute
  • Audio output stages utilising discrete transistor class A output buffer
  • Balanced pre-amp output, DC coupled
  • High quality all aluminium case work
  • Remote control
  • Three year guarantee
  • Available in black or titanium


Output Level: 
 +9dB unbalanced output
+15dB balanced output 
Maximum Output:
>9V RMS unbalanced 
Frequency Response:
-3dB at 1Hz and 57kHz, ref 1kHz, max volume

Total Harmonic Distortion:

<0.005% at 1.6V RMS output, 1kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 

>100dB, A weighted
Channel Separation:
>60dB 20Hz to 20kHz (Typically >85dB at 1kHz)
2 pairs RCA, pre-amp output, 1 pair for tape 


Input Impedance: 
18K Ohms minimum 



Mains Supply: 
110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set)

T5AL for 110/120V units

 T2.5AL for 220/240V units

Power Consumption: 
Dimensions (HxWxD):
 90mm x 440mm x 300mm
Net Weight: 
Gross Weight:  8kg


Optional Specifications

50100 MM or MC Board Options


  • All discrete transistor audio stages
  • High quality parts used throughout
  • Tight tolerance parts used for accurate equalisation
  • Low noise power supply regulators
  • DC coupled input stage


MC Board Specifications:

Sensitivity and Signal to Noise, ref 1kHz and 250mV Out : 
GAIN 1 jumper fitted :   2.5mV,  >68dB S/N (default setting)
No jumper fitted :   5mV,     >70dB S/N


6n8 in parallel with 1K5 Ohms

Or With Loading Jumpers Fitted :

1+2+3  100 Ohms (default)
1+2  110  Ohms
1+3 130  Ohms
2+3 210  Ohms
1 160  Ohms
2 310  Ohms
3 470 Ohms


MM Board Specifications:

Sensitivity and Signal to Noise, ref 1kHz and 250mV Out :
GAIN 1 jumper fitted :   2.5mV,  >78dB S/N (default setting)
No jumper fitted :   5mV,     >79dB S/N


47K Ohms
Or With Loading 1 Fitted :
Additional 220pF in parallel with the cartridge (default)


5010 DAC Plug-In Board Option


  • All discrete transistor output stage
  • High quality parts used throughout
  • Tight tolerance parts used for analogue filtering
  • Low noise audio stage power supply regulators

DAC Specifications

  • 2V RMS output for full scale input
  • THD @ 1KHz < 0.005%
  • One Coax (BNC) input sample rate supported : 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192kHz @ up to 24 bits.
  • USB2 input sample rate supported : 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192kHz PCM @ up to 24 bits.

Exposure 5010 Preamplifier
Exposure 5010 Preamplifier Sale price£2,800.00