Magico A3 Loudspeaker


'Probably the best Loudspeakers in the world’ Magico was the brain child of Alon Wolf who set out to build for himself the perfect loudspeaker system. MAGICO has pioneered the use of aluminium in loudspeakers design. Extremely stiff yet easy to damp, a properly designed aluminum enclosure is the ideal platform for high-performance loudspeakers. So inert, the enclosures have no discernible coloration of their own-allowing the drivers to operate with the utmost clarity and dynamics. Though costly to implement, the use of aluminum in their enclosures plays a vital role in their design philosophy.

The Magico A3 Floorstanding Loudspeakers take many of the features from the Magico S3 costing more than twice the price. It has an all alloy braced and fabricated enclosure, a four-driver sealed enclosure with proprietary Magico units. These are a 27mm beryllium dome high frequency, operating from 2.5kHz to 22.kHz , a 155mm graphene reinforced mid range working down to 300Hz and two 175mm graphene reinforced long-throw bass drivers. Their characteristic elliptical crossover topology is also used to optimise the acoustic transitions between the drivers. The quoted sensitivity is 88dB/1m 2.83V. Finished in a brushed satin black aluminium alloy, fabricated from plate sections with near perfect joints. Inside there are multiple circumferential braces machined from thick plate and bolted into place.


Driver Complement:
1 X 1.1” (2.79cm) Beryllium Dome Tweeter
1 X 6” (15.24cm) Graphene Nano-Tec Midrange
2 X 7” (17.78cm) Graphene Nano-Tec Bass

Sensitivity: 88dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response:
26 Hz – 50 KHz

Recommended Power:
50 watt RMS (min) / 300 watts (max)

44”H x 11”D x 9.25”W (112cm x 27cm x 23cm)

Weight: 110 lbs. (49.89 kg)

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