Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable


Brand Roksan

Since 1985, Roksan’s mission has been to inspire music lovers with their world-class audio products. Roksan immediately found global recognition with the Xerxes Turntable. This also lead to Roksan developing other award-winning audio products like their award winning amplifiers, CD players and DACs. With British design and manufacture, Roksan ensures outstanding build quality and reliability. Implementing unique approaches, ground-breaking technology and audiophile-grade components....

The original now iconic Roksan Xerxes transcription turntable was Launched in 1985, Designed by Touraj Moghaddam, the Xerxes is a belt-driven turntable with a solid plinth. The sound quality of the product positioned it as one of the best turntables of its day and many reviewers used the Xerxes as a reference turntable.

Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable is a refinement of the original.

The Structure

As with the original TMS turntable design, the Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable has three separate plinths used for decoupling across a selective frequency band. The Sub-plinth which carries the Main Bearing/Platter Assembly and the Tonearm is designed as a reference platform to preserve the record/Cartridge interface from unwanted disturbances. It has been computer modelled using finite element analysis to determine the optimum shape and ofcoupling of this platform to the Bottom plinth.

The Top plinth features the familiar cut-out, which was first seen on the original Xerxes, that follows the contour of the Sub-plinth without touching. The Top plinth is connected to the Bottom plinth via three suspension mounts.

The Bottom plinth supports, decouples and isolates the Top and the Sub-plinths from external disturbances. The Motor is free to pivot on its own bearing on an axis of rotation coincident with the shaft of the Motor. With this unique dynamic system transient speed changes are absorbed and do not affect the measuring platform.

The Armboard, which provides another level of isolation, is machined from a billet of Acetal with complimentary damping between the Tonearm and the Sub-plinth. The detachable Armboard is fixed by three stainless steel bolts for easy Tonearm mounting and adjustment.

The Bearing / Platter Assembly

At the heart of Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable is Roksan’s unique and formidable self centring, self aligning true single point Main Bearing. The innovative design of this bearing provides almost silent, frictionless rotation, precisely defining the rotational axis. The Bearing sleeve is gun-drilled from solid phosphor bronze and honed to provide Spindle/Bearing sleeve gap of 2/10,000” along its length! The only contact is between the polished Spindle tip and the captive TMS 3 Tungsten Carbide super precision ball. The Spindle is made from hardened steel and is ground with a taper that locates into the Inner Platter without the use of adhesive or the need for pressing.


The Inner and Outer Platters are both machined from solid aluminium alloy instead of normal castings to ensure the material is homogeneous. Each complete platter is constructed of two parts that are ‘friction’ fitted together. Each part is designed as a tuning fork and hence it’s free from any nonlinearity. Their natural frequencies are linearly damped, as these two parts are joined together by friction only. The platters are machined to extremely high tolerances to ensure roundness and balance. Required inertia for a smooth and constant angular speed is achieved through high peripheral distribution of mass. This maximizes inertia to mass ratio and reduces undue pressure on the bearing contact point. It is this level of attention to detail throughout the design that ensures musical integrity.


Main Bearing Spindle

Hardened tool steel

Main Bearing Ball

Super precision tungsten carbide


2 mm

Main Bearing Housing

Solid phosphor bronze

Inner Platter

2 Piece solid aluminium alloy interference fitted non-resonant

Outer Platter

2 Piece solid aluminium alloy interference fitted non-resonant


3 plinth design


3-level decoupling


Custom made 24 pole synchronous


Solid aluminium alloy

Dimensions (W x H x D)

450 x 370 x 115 mm


12 kg