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Chord Epic Digital Tuned ARAY BNC to RCA

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The Chord Company Epic Digital with Tuned ARAY 

The Chord Company Epic Digital features ARAY conductor geometry. This critical element, alongside upgrades to the silver-plated conductors and the increased density shielding for send and return conductors have produced notable improvements to rhythm and in the critical micro-details that make music clearer and easier to hear. 

Hand-built in England by a team of passionate music lovers, the Epic Tuned ARAY is designed to deliver superior sound quality. This updated Chord Epic Digital Tuned ARAY BNC to RCA features the new ChorAlloy-plated connectors/plugs developed by the engineers at Chord and will show you your music in a new light.

The ChorAlloy™ Upgrade Difference

ChorAlloy plating provides significant musical improvement over previous silver plating techniques and marks a major step forward in connector performance. ChorAlloy™-fitted plugs enhance detail across all frequencies even further, making it immediately noticeable compared to previous silver-plated plugs.

Perfect Match for Mid-Range Equipment

The Chord Epic Tuned ARAY is an ideal match for any mid-range DAC, CD transport, or streamer, allowing you to fully appreciate your high-resolution music.

This cable comes equipped with superior ChorAlloy™ plated connectors and is backed by the Chord Company's lifetime guarantee.

Shielding - High-density, silver-plated combination braid and foil shield to combat high-frequency interference.
Insulation - PTFE
Conductors - Tuned ARAY technology, two 75 Ohm silver-plated oxygen free copper
Connectors - ChorAlloy-plated copper

Compatible with all components equiped with a coaxial digital output, for example:
CD Players, streaming devices, DVD players, etc.

Available lengths:
1m & Custom lengths also available by phone

Chord Epic Digital Tuned ARAY BNC to RCA
Chord Epic Digital Tuned ARAY BNC to RCA Sale price£520.00