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Chord Signature Super ARAY USB (ChorAlloy plated)

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There are increasing numbers of high quality DACs (with exceptional USB inputs) and several high quality music streamers/servers with USB outputs. With a music orientated laptop and USB DAC, this cable can form an important part of a remarkable alternative music source.  It’s designed and built to carry the digital signal between a laptop and DAC extremely accurately. The only commonality between this and a USB cable are the plugs. The Chord Signature Super ARAY USB will bring a new level of coherence, detail and involvement to your system.

All connections are soldered and the USB plugs are ChorAlloy™ plated to our specification in the UK. We believe these changes have all contributed to a healthy improvement in performance. It is certainly a little harder (therefore longer) to build, so while the price has crept up from the original Signature USB, we feel it more than justifies the effort when you audition it against the original design

Signature Digital Super ARAY USB

Shielding - Dual layer precision applied high coverage foil, separately shielded data and power conductors
Insulation - Composite PE/LDPE/PE Tri layer insulation
Conductors - ARAY technology, precision silver-plated oxygen free copper twisted Bi-data conductors
Connectors - ChorAlloy-plated copper

Compatible with all components equipped with a USB socket, for example:
Streamers, DACs, laptops, etc.

Available lengths:
1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m & Custom lengths available

Chord Signature Super ARAY USB (ChorAlloy plated)
Chord Signature Super ARAY USB (ChorAlloy plated) Sale price£1,000.00