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Ortofon Concorde Music Black LVB 250 Cartridge

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The Ortofon Concorde series is designed for direct mounting on SME-style tonearms. These cartridges are commonly used with DJ-style turntables featuring S-shaped arms, such as Technics 1210 turntables, and can be easily slid onto the tonearm without the need for screws, unlike traditional cartridges. While they reflect their DJ heritage, these SME-style cartridges also deliver the high-fidelity audio quality desired by audiophiles.

The Concorde Music Black LVB

The Concorde Music LVB 250 is the flagship cartridge of the Concorde Music series, embodying true high-end excellence, offering such precise and detailed sound that it feels like the artist is performing live in your living room. A truly excellent an great value cartridge that delivers sound quality above its price bracket. Key features include:

  • Nude Shibata Diamond Stylus: This premium stylus, combined with a high-quality boron cantilever, delivers sound performance comparable to more expensive moving coil designs.
  • Superior Boron Cantilever: Enhances sound precision and detail, providing a lifelike musical experience.
  • Direct-Mounting for SME-Style Tonearms: Mounting directly into the tonearm from turntables manufactures like Technics, Audio Technica, Thorens and Pro-Ject's with S-Shape arms brings the high-fidelity audio experience back to its roots combining the sleek design and ease of use that made the original Concorde cartridges a game-changer in the hi-fi world.
  • Flagship Moving Magnet Cartridge: Capable of delivering unparalleled sound quality and setting a new standard for moving magnet (MM) cartridges.

The Concorde Music series features interchangeable styli, allowing for versatility and customization. Whether you're a long-time audiophile or a former DJ transitioning to home listening, the series offers an upgrade path from the Red to the flagship Black LVB 250. This ensures that every individual and every genre can be catered to with unmatched sound quality.

The Concorde Music range retains the sleek design and ease of use that made the original Concorde cartridges a revolution in the hi-fi world. Experience the adventure of unparalleled sound quality and find your perfect match with Concorde Music, bringing high-fidelity audio back to its roots and enhancing your vinyl experience.


Output Voltage
 6 mV
Channel Balance (@ 1000hz)
1 dB
Channel Balance (@ 1000HZ)
26 dB
Frequency Response +2 / -0DB
20-20k Hz
Tracking Ability
80 μm
Compliance, Dynamic, Lateral
15 μm
Stylus Type
Shibata diamond 
Stylus Tip Radius (R/R)
6/50 μm
Recommended Tracking Force
1.8 g
Internal Impedance
1.27 Ω
Internal Inductance
815 mH
Cantilever Material
Coil Wire Material
Silver Plater OFC Copper
Recommended Load Impedance
47 Ω
Recommended Load Capacitance
150-300 pF
Cartridge Weight 18 g


Ortofon Concorde Music Black LVB 250 Cartridge
Ortofon Concorde Music Black LVB 250 Cartridge Sale price£829.00