Rega Reference EBLT Upgrade Belt (New Reference EBLT fits all rega Turntables)


Custom made premium Reference EBLT drive belt. Fitted as standard to all Planar 8 and Planar 10 turntable models from March 8th 2021.

Over the past five years Rega have been experimenting with an innovative tooling company using CNC technology to make tools that have finally given us drive belts with an accuracy measured in just 1 or 2 microns. The use of advanced polymer materials (our top-secret blend) allows exceptional and ‘even’ elasticity over the entire length of the new EBLT and Reference drive belt.

The result is clear, looking at the speed irregularity measurement figure of our entry level Planar 1 turntable (commonly known as wow and flutter) with the latest drive belt fitted this figure is instantly halved by simply fitting the new belt. An unexpected development from all of this (something that often happens when you put maximum effort into any project) is that one of the three suppliers has developed their own advanced polymer curing process and have combined this with our most accurate selected tools. This has created a new reference belt that will be fitted as standard to all Planar 8 and Planar 10 models.

The Reference belt is suitable for all Rega turntables but highly recommended for the Planar 6 and any Planar 3 using the Rega Neo TT PSU.

Each belt is moulded on our highly accurate custom tooling using a unique secret blend. Once moulded, the belts are cryogenically frozen and barrelled to remove any excess flash in order to create perfect cross sectional roundness which is critical for accurate speed and stability. In normal use and conditions, the lifespan of the EBLT drive belt is 50% longer than the previous model. All Reference belts go through a unique curing process which guarantees the highest achievable level of accuracy.


Rega Drive Belt
Reference EBLT monomer
Diameter / cross sectional roundness
Improved stability / Speed accuracy
50% longer lifespan than a polychloroprene belt
Advanced curing process
Improved consistency in modulus of material

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