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Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Edition 23 - DAC / Preamp

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The Pre Box S2 Digital, first released in 2017, has gained significant recognition in the DAC market, particularly among digital and PC-audio enthusiasts. This acclaim stems from several factors, including its custom and proprietary clock design, meticulous PCB layout with separate power supplies, dual differential ESS DACs, and an exclusive digital filter that ensures pristine and transparent transient response. Despite its compact size, the Pre Box S2 Digital is considered a pinnacle of design in its category. 

The chip crisis of 2020-21 significantly impacted the Pre Box S2 Digital due to its high demand. However, this downtime provided an opportunity for key improvements and refinements and as a result he product was rejuvenated nearly five years after its initial release.

Edition 2023 Improvements

New Internal Power Supply Design:

Enhancements to the power supply units (PSUs) for the clock, DACs, and analog output stages offer better isolation from PC USB power noise. Achieves a wider and flatter output impedance across the entire audio bandwidth.

Redesigned Master Audio Clocks:

The discrete audio master clocks have been redesigned to lower phase noise and enhance jitter performance.

New Output Stage with Higher Class-A Current:

The analog output stage, based around the SABRE9603Q, now operates with a higher Class A current. This improvement benefits performance with low impedance headphones and long cable runs.

New Headphone Amplifier:

The design is now more energy efficient with a 12% reduction in PSU current. The higher Class A analog stage operating current results in lower distortion with low impedance headphones. Users with mobile devices or laptops will benefit from the lower power draw while experiencing improved sound quality.

Unbeatable Value – Handmade in Europe:

By minimizing cabinet size and standardizing casework across product lines, Pro-Ject reallocates production costs towards higher quality PCB design. The Pre Box S2 Digital Edition 2023 is meticulously designed and handmade in Europe, featuring a timeless design and durable aluminum casework.

The updated Pre Box S2 Digital Edition 2023 continues to deliver exceptional value and performance, solidifying its status as a top-tier DAC in the market.



Digital inputs 1x USB (B), 1x Co-axial (RCA), 1x Optical (TOSLink)
D/A-converter 2x ESS9038Q2M 32-bit
USB up to DSD512 (DSD1024), PCM up to 32b/768kHz
Optical PCM up to 24b/192kHz
Coaxial PCM up to 24b/192kHz
Filter Settings 7 different selectable on front
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Analogue Outputs 6.3mm Headphone (front), 1x Variable Out (RCA)
Output Voltage 2.05 Veff
Minimal Recommended Headphone Impedance 8 Ohm
Headphone Output Power 6.6 mW / 600 Ohm; 100 mW / 32 Ohm
THD 0.0003% @ 0 dB, 2V RMS, 1 kHz
Dynamic Range 124 dBA
Outboard Power Supply 5V/1A DC (included)
Dimensions W x H x D 103 x 37 x 122 mm (including knob and connectors)
Weight 366 g (without power supply)
Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Edition 23 - DAC / Preamp
Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Edition 23 - DAC / Preamp Sale price£399.00