Rega Advanced EBLT Drive Belt (New upgrade belt fits all Rega Turntables)


Brand Rega

The very latest Rega Advanced EBLT drive belt is now available to purchase as an upgrade over the previous drive belt fitted to all Rega Turntables.

Also availible is the new Reference EBLT

(The Reference EBLT belt gives the ultimate  performance and is also suitable for all Rega turntables but highly recommended for the Planar 6 and the Planar 3 turntables especially when using the Rega Neo TT PSU.

Rega has always championed the use of a circular drive belt and a ‘V’ shaped pulley as the optimum method of delivering energy from the turntable motor. However, achieving the accuracy required to transform this motor energy into accurate and stable rotational speed is not as straightforward as one might think. 

Each belt is moulded on a highly accurate custom tooling machine using a unique secret blend. Once moulded, the belts are cryogenically frozen and barrelled to remove any excess flash in order to create perfect cross sectional roundness which is critical for accurate speed and stability. In normal use and conditions, the lifespan of the EBLT drive belt is 50% longer than the previous model.


Rega Drive Belt
Advanced EBLT monomer
Diameter / cross sectional roundness
Improved stability / Speed accuracy
50% longer lifespan than a polychloroprene belt